I’ve been working on a logo for blindsidepubs‘s new publishing venture and I ran my ideas by him today. It looks like one of the two struck his fancy so I’m glad it will be used. It’s pretty satisfying to make a visual representation of a feeling or idea someone wants to convey. In this case Jon wanted something that was darkly literary but not categorically horror. It’s a fine line but I think the design, based on his mention of a raven. turned out quite well. Another strange thing about doing visual stuff is that a lot of times the idea you have in your head looks hopeless on the screen but if you keep working and trying different ideas you’ll hit upon one that totally isn’t what you imagined but works perfectly.

I also started working on the final cover file for Play Dead. I’ve got butterflies about using a new printer, that always stresses me out, but so far Thompson-Shore has been great to deal with.

Sent out a bunch of packages today, made more that need to go out tomorrow. Will this package madness ever end?