Million-Year Centipede
Originally uploaded by earsphere722.

I whipped up this cover for The Million-Year Centipede yesterday. We don’t even have a page for it up on the web site yet. Guess I better get cracking on that.

The RDSP newsletter continues to give me a headache. I apologize to anyone who received a ‘”Enter Your Newsletter Here” email!

Aren’t computers supposed to make our lives easier?


  1. Nice cover!

    Wow – great cover art – I like.

    Heh heh – I got one of those newsletter things 😉 Emailed back and Jennifer was kind enough to let me know about the glitch. Computers definitely are not here to make our lives easier!

  2. kick ass cover man. I really like it. No idea what the hell it is about, but I’d pick it up and maybe even buy it for the cover.


  3. Anonymous

    Cool Cover

    This cover is supercool! Did you design the worm? Kudos … D.

  4. Re: Nice cover!

    Glad you liked the cover! I can definitely hear my computer laughing when I turn my back sometimes.

  5. Thanks!

    I should have posted the description:
    Waklin, frontman of seminal rock group ‘The Hinge,’ once wrote a poem so prophetic that to ignore its wisdom is to doom yourself to drown in blood. After realizing the power of his words he faked his own death. Now one obsessed fan is tracking Waklin down. Can he be found before it’s too late?

  6. Re: Cool Cover

    I had a picture of a centipede and I turned it into a mega-glowing million-year centipede.

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