I’ve been spending a little time over at The Internet Book Database http://www.ibookdb.net. It’s a cool little site that lets you create a “bookshelf” of all the books you own, or have read or want to read. I think it’s a relatively new site and a lot of ‘underground’ titles are missing from the database. So I challenge you well-read LJ’ers to go over there and start adding books!

I also enjoyed reading an article about my hero, brotherrabbit this morning: http://www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/read/2006/09_18-14/CAN


  1. Thanks!

    I’m glad you mentioned Librarything. I hadn’t been there before and it’s really cool! I started up an account last night. Also, thanks for including some of our books on your own bookshelf.

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