Today I’m going to try not to be so controversial. Usually it’s John who causes all the ruckus.

There is an absolutely KILLER review of Bare Bone #5 up at Horror-web. Read it if you dare. Any review that starts out, “Damn that crew at Raw Dog Screaming Press, Damn them all!” is tops in my book.

I’ve been working hard at inputting all our sales data into the financial program we got. Sometimes it can be such a run-around. For instance, you set the discount rate for each customer but say we gave that person an extra discount on one book, there’s no way to do that on the same invoice so I have to make two invoices. Plus there’s no way to enter the copies that an author like Mike Arnzen sells at appearances without it calculating royalties on those sales. But since we split the money in cases like that Mike’s already been paid for those copies. The worst is that once you’ve put in an invoice you can’t change it and you can’t delete it. Whose idea was it to get this software anyway?

Raw Dog Bite #38
It seems I may not have escaped Horrofind unscathed. I believe I may be coming down with something if that scratchy feeling in my throat is any indication.

current mood: feverish

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