mailing list—check
boatload o’ books—check
giveaways: sick bags, t-shirts, postcards—check

Ok, almost everything is packed for World Fantasy…except our clothes. I think we’re reaching the end of the line with the Sick Bags. We bought 2 or 3 hundred pill bottles and there will probably only be 30 or 40 left after this trip. I really had fun coming up with that idea and I think it’s worked to get a lot of attention for Sick and the press. It’s great having stuff to give away. I love giving away stuff! After this con I should try to come up with something new to give away. It needs to have a good theme though, maybe just ‘doggie bags’?

John’s been really hyped about the Street Pack lately. It seems to be gaining some momentum. He’s put up some stuff you can do to help RDSP (or any of your favorite independent authors/publishers). Read it.

Since thenstephsw has added us to her links section with a banner she made. It’s a very cool site design by the way ( And speaking of cool sites wretlind sent a neat piece of art/web template and gave me a few tips on how I might be able to use it. It’s a cool design and would solve some of the things I’m unhappy with about the current design but I think it will be awhile before I can sit down and think about changing the site.

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