Congratulations to Mike Arnzen and Darren Speegle, both of their collections have made it on to the preliminary ballot for Best Fiction Collection of 2004. Here’s the ballot Also, congrats to steve_vernon whose collection Nightmare Dreams and a story from it are on the ballot.

Usually it’s the novel categories that have the toughest competition but in this year it looks thicker in the Collection category. With authors like Keene, Lebbon, Clegg and Monteleone in the running making it on to the final ballot is going to be hard. We’re offering a limited number of promo copies to full members to review in order to make an informed vote. I know that 100 Jolts has gotten into a lot of people’s hands but I feel that Dirge has been a bit overlooked so I’m hoping some members will take us up on this offer.

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  1. Thanks for the thumbs-up John. I appreciate the support. I’m very proud of the stories in NIGHTMARE DREAMS, and the story that made the “Best Story” category, “Jugular”. A stroll through a steaming nightmare of a park, that turns juggling into a contact sport.

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