Anyone who’s met me knows that I’m a goal oriented person. It’s all about completing the task. That’s why promotions can be so overwhelming to me. Promoting books is endless. You can never complete the task. Lately I’ve been a bit panicked about the promo end of things. Are we doing enough? Is the money we invested in ads well-spent? Ads are OK but work best with a huge budget to blanket the market. Plus ads are often annoying and obnoxious.

So I’m trying to concentrate on other venues for spreading the word. There are two in the works now that I hope my pay off. Today I’ll be mailing a package for a magazine that runs one fiction piece per issue with a submission of a short story from one of our books. I think the work itself is the best possible advertisement so I really hope they’ll run the piece. I’ve also requested a interview for one of our authors at a horror website. In the meantime I will be doing my own interview of A.D. Dawson about his contribution to Sick for The Dream People’s Februrary issue.

current mood: worried

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