When we started RDSP we decided not to do any more chapbooks because anything we wanted to publish could be done in book format as an anthology. But there was one lingering project we could only do in chapbook format. It can’t be done through our book printer because the artwork is too detailed.

Psych Noir is a combination art/fiction collaboration between John and an artist from CA, Dave Lipscomb. We got the 10 original drawings some weeks ago and I just finished reading what John has come up with to accompany them. If this thing doesn’t bring on the apocalypse then I don’t know what will! It’s a gut-churning, bewildering exploration of broken minds and twisted ideals where you can’t tell heads from tails, or any other body parts for that matter. The interaction between John’s prose-poem, stream of conscious writing and Dave’s hypnotic, hyper-detailed art is going to be brain busting. Not recommended for the easily offended!

It looks like we may even be able send this baby off to be printed instead of going our usual DIY route. There’s a place with very reasonable prices that does chapbook size printing called Dime Store Productions(http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/). You have to join their forum to get the pricing info but it’s definitely worth looking into for anyone interested in doing their own chapbooks.

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