Well, we’ve received some good news. Final nominees for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Horror are posted. You can check out the details by going to http://www.horror.org/stokerballots.htm

Several RDSP authors have been shortlisted for this award, including:

+ Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas (Prime Books) for First Novel
+ Gorelets: Unpleasant Poems by Michael Arnzen (Fairwood Press) for Poetry Collection
+ Professor LaGungo’s Exotic Artifacts & Assorted Mystic Collectibles by
Mark McLaughlin (Flesh & Blood Press) for Poetry Collection
+The Goreletter (email newsletter) by Michael Arnzen (gorelets.com) for Alternative Forms

It’s good to know our authors are getting the recognition they deserve for their publishing ventures with other companies. We wish them all the best, and the battle between Mark and Mike should be a real doozy.

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