RDSP authors and editors will be attending this year’s World Horror Convention in Atlanta, GA. Here’s our schedule for the weekend:

8 PM Degrees of Dread: Horror Goes to College Michael Arnzen, Lucy Snyder

stokerballot9:00 AM Poe-etics: Setting Scene and Atmosphere in Supernatural Fiction Michael Arnzen
11:00 AM We Are Bizarro! John Edward Lawson
1:00 PM African-American Spec-Lit From Afro-Futurism to Beloved John Edward Lawson
2:00 PM Stabbing Through the Glass Ceiling: Advice for Women Writers Starting Out Lucy Snyder
3:00 PM What Editors Are Looking For Now In Horror  Jennifer Barnes
4:00 PM Terrifying Top Trends in Specialty Press Publishing John Edward Lawson
4 :00 PM Panel: Readings and Shenanigans for THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD and QUALIA NOUS
5:30 PM Reading Lucy Snyder
6:30 PM Author Mass Signing Maria Alexander, Michael Arnzen, Jennifer Barnes, John Edward Lawson, Lucy Snyder, Stephanie Wytovich

*** 8:00 PM RDSP’s Angels vs. Devils Room Party ***

9:00 AM Urban Fantasy: It’s Selling Like Hellcakes, But Is It Horror? Lucy Snyder
10:00 AM-2PM Pitch Sessions
1:00 PM Pushing the Diaspora Darkly: Horror from Multicultural Perspectives John Edward Lawson
3 :00 PM Developing IP for Horror Games Maria Alexander
5:30 PM Reading Maria Alexander
7:30 PM Bram Stoker Awards Banquet Maria Alexander, Lucy Snyder, Stephanie Wytovich

9:30 AM Reading Stephanie Wytovich