Sick Puppy

IMG_2202This isn’t about RDSP but the OG, the orignal dog, our Boxer Atlanta. It took all weekend to get to the bottom of the problem with her eye, including 4 trips total to two doctors (one of which is 45 minutes away) and a bunch of trips to at least 3 different pharmacies. The short version is that she has a mass behind her right eye which put so much pressure on the eye that the retina detached. The eye is blind and will have to be removed so they can get rid of the mass. The ‘mass’ could be cancerous or it could be benign. None of the blood work shows anything wrong and the X-rays of her lungs look normal (apparently if there’s cancer behind the eye it usually spreads to the lungs). She’ll be having the surgery tomorrow. I wish we had pet health insurance!

Atlanta was around for the inception of RDSP and has inspired some great poems from rdsp like ‘In the Jowlitorium’. She is also one of kldwriter‘s biggest fans and not just because he’s the editor of Bare Bone.