Dream Write Publishing logoJoining us for today’s Small Press Spotlight is Canadian publisher Dream Write Publishing.

Give a brief overview of what you publish.

Dream Write Publishing prides itself on publishing a wide range of genres from children’s picture books to poetry to fiction and non-fiction novels. We hold true to our mandate of aiding authors to realize their publishing dreams, therefore each manuscript is reviewed for its uniqueness, individuality and the goal of the author.

What inspired you to go into publishing?

As a life long lover of words, I was driven to not only share my words but also help other writers share theirs. Many of my authors would not have been given the opportunity to publish without Dream Write Publishing.

What’s a publishing pet peeve of yours?

Badly edited books – not only does it reflect poor workmanship on the author but also on the publisher. Attention to detail is a key part of ensuring a manuscript becomes a professionally published book.

Your favorite thing about publishing is?

The look of amazement and accomplishment when I hand over a finished book to an author. It is the realization of their dream to hold their book in their hands.

Why do you think the small press is important?

Many authors are dismissed by the larger publication houses for a number of reasons. A smaller press can give personal service and interact with the author on a one-on-one basis. Smaller publishers are not governed by ‘fads’ in publishing but the true worth of an authors words.

Talk about one goal you have for your press/publication.

The ultimate goal is to have premises to showcase all Dream Write publications and a central office for our employees.

If you could make the public understand just one thing about running a small press what would it be?

The public need to realize a small press does not have the resources of larger publishing houses for marketing or print run numbers. However with a committed relationship between author and Dream Write Publishing, a publication can achieve success.

Publishing is a tough business, have you ever thought of quitting? What keeps you going during the bad times?

When projects are piling up on my desk and there aren’t enough hours in my day, I feel overwhelmed but each project deserves my commitment and ultimately publication. My authors are my best encouragers and supporters.