Happy Halloween everybody! I was looking forward to Ripley’s 2nd Halloween but it turns out there really isn’t anything we can do with him since he goes to bed so early. Everything seems to be at 7pm or later. We already got a few Halloween pics of him though.





  1. I guess if we really wanted to see something scary on Halloween we could pump him full of sugar and keep him up til 9:00!

  2. Whatta cutey! Are those tongs in that last picture? Stoking the fires of hell, eh? No, wait, that’s a hanger.

    My daughter (she’s 13) and a few of her friends went out as Macbeth’s witches. Thing is, two of them have performed Macbeth and new the whole cauldron scene, so they had a few opportunities to perform on people’s doorsteps. As a result, she brought home a TON of candy (people were literally showering them with candy after one of their mini-performances).

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