East City Bookshop was the perfect place to celebrate the Steel Magic book launch, second book in the Steel Empires series. This was our first visit to the store which just opened up in April. It’s bright and breezy, imminently browsable and has excellent staff picks. These people clearly know books!

A Magical Celebration

As people arrived we made small talk and admired the store. Then J.L. Gribble read an action-packed excerpt from Steel Magic and invited us all to eat cake. The cake was both gorgeous (since it had the book cover on it) and delicious.

Several raffle prizes were given out including Steel Magic inspired nail polish created by Comet Vomit. The polish perfectly matches the incredible cover created by Bradley Sharp. It was a vibrant and fun event, really more like a party than a book signing, and we hope to be back to East City Bookshop soon. If you weren’t able to attend all is not lost! They are stocking signed copies in the store so you can drop by and pick one up at your convenience. Both books in the Steel Empires series are also available through Kindle Unlimited get a 30-Day Free Trial and check them out.

Special thanks go to the squid squad, Julia Vilece, Sarah Zullo and David Brawley for helping to arrange this event and letting me post some of their awesome photos here.