Bare Bone #6 will be available in October but unfortunately #5 didn’t sell as well as we’d hoped. We’ve been working on ways to make sure we’ll be able to continue putting Bare Bone out and have started selling a few ads in the back of the book. This will at least help offset the cost of making it, although paying the contributors (even though it’s a miserly sum) is probably the thing that breaks the bank. We had actually hoped to grow the Bare Bone fund to the point where we could pay decently but I think a lot more word-of-mouth buzz stands between us and that goal. Everyone who’s read #5 has RAVED about it and #6 is even better but until more people start reading it no one will know how good it is. I think if we continue to put it out and it remains consistently good then people will catch on eventually.

One recent frustration we’ve been having is that some of the books being delivered to customers are damaged. I’ve seen how LSI packs books and sometimes it isn’t pretty. Unfortunately you really can’t talk to those people and we’re so small I’m sure they wouldn’t give a crap about our complaints. I don’t know how they expect us to sell books if they’re going to ship them in a way that damages the books. If we don’t sell books they don’t sell books either. Of course we’re replacing those books but it’s frustrating for the customer and eats into our very thin profit margin.

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