I can’t remember if I already mentioned that we’ve decided to do a hardcover of Westermead in the fall and hold the paperback until 2006. You can pre-order either version.

Pseudo-City is now available for pre-order at:



We also just got word that there’s a review of Everybody Scream! up at sfreader.com. I like the way Paul Goat Allen describes the book, “During Punktown’s annual fair, the defecation hits the rotating oscillator as a cast of drug dealers, nymphomaniacs, career criminals, serial killers, mutants, aliens and naïve teenagers converge to create unparalleled havoc.” You can read the full review and rate the book here http://www.sfreader.com/read_review.asp?ID=545

Even cooler is that the reviewer contacted us himself and is interested in more RDSP titles. He’s actually the editor of B&N’s Explorations science fiction/fantasy book review newsletter. That could be excellent exposure for us!

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