Holy Moley! A discussion started up on John’s LJ about this “new genre” or “movement” or whatever you want to call it that has been brewing for a few years now. It’s that weird, off-kilter and impossible to categorize fiction that has been coming out in zines like The Dream People, Blood Cookies, The Idiot’s Manifesto, Bust Down the Door & Eat All the Chickens, Dream Virus, Rumble, The Dream Zone & The Dodsley Pages (now defunct) forums like The New Absurdist and presses like ours, Eraserhead and Afterbirth. The discussion has had more the 100 posts now and still seems to be going strong. Check it out here http://www.livejournal.com/users/rdsp/42785.html

The cool thing is that it seems like something, at least a community forum, may come of this discussion and a move has been made to try to give this thing a name and make it easier for readers to find these kinds of works. So much potential! I can’t wait to see what comes out of this…


  1. it’s a really intereseting discussion, and it’s on a topic that i’ve been thikning about (and yapping about) a lot in the past couple of years.
    i would so love soe sort of forum to come out of this.

  2. I think everyone there has been. Seems to me that kevins coment just put match to the volitile nirto that’d been pooling up for some time.

  3. I think it’s rather absurd. Here they are complaining they don’t want to be called “horror” and hate “genre” but yet they are looking to title themselves and in the meantime are more than willing to ride the horror pony as far as it will get them?

    In 5 years whatever name they give themselves will be in the following sentence just replace “horror”:

    Horror is dead.

    This is not a slam on their writing – I’ve read a few of those folks and enjoy their work. I don’t, however, see it as a movement. I do wish they could find a way to do whatever it is they are trying to do with their stuff without slamming other writers or begrudging other writers their success as was evident in a few of those posts and the IM conversation that was posted.

  4. Actually, it appears to me that you’ve misinterpreted the conversation. We all have different opinions on whether or not we want a genre name. What we’re discussing is whether not a name for our group or genre would be beneficial or not and what the advantages/disadvantages would be. We wouldn’t want this, shall we say, community of writers to be referred to as horror because not all of our writing has horror themes. Those of us that do write horror themed pieces submit to horror publications. I don’t think anybody was saying that they hate horror, or genres at all. We were just discussing whether or not our work should be considered a genre and/or what to call it for promotional/sales purposes. There has also been some discussion over whether or not genre labels are limiting to what kind of writing we produce. And personally, I’m a big fan of horror and have always referred to my own work as “bizarre horror” for lack of a better term.

    I did not see anyone slamming or begrudging other writers in any post, and as I was involved in the IM conversation I would be interested to know what you considered to be negative about it. You may have misconstrued some of our jokes as being “slams,” but if I’m badmouthing anyone I’d certainly like to know what I’ve said. I think it would have been rather more polite of you to put this post there so that those involved could see and respond to your comments and further the discussion. If you feel strongly enough to post it, why not post it where the debate is actually occurring?

  5. As far as the slams, they’re probably talking about some of Mike Philbin’s posts, where he complains about the horror genre. It’s generally a bad idea to refer to a group of people as “they” when we all have varying opinions.

  6. Well she mentioned the “IM post” that I put on there, which was a conversation between me and Cake. I just wondered if we had said anything that came off as nasty, as it certainly wasn’t intended that way.

    Yeah, Mike gets a little hot-headed, but it seems to me that particular aspect of the discussion was settled in a very gentlemanly fashion. Personally I’m impressed with everyone’s behavior in the thread over there. It’s a subject that inspires a lot of passion in people and I love a good lively debate. It’s hard to have a real debate about an important issue without somebody arguing, but I think we’re doing a damn good job. 🙂 Even outside of the “genre” argument there’s been a lot of discussion of related issues and ways to promote our books and things that have been very beneficial to me.

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