The all poetry issue of The Dream People is now online. I had absolutely nothing to do with this issue, John did the entire thing by himself. There’s some really excellent pieces and lots of great new writers. The artwork for this issue is also very cool, including the collage works of cakeearthhead which will soon be so valuable that we will no longer be able to afford his (free) services.

It’s weird because we really don’t have a lot of time to devote to The Dream People so we can’t promote it much but every time I think about retiring I see someone mention it as a great market. The don’t ever say that to us directly but we’ll just happen across a comment somewhere. We rarely get any direct feedback about the issues so it’s hard to know if people enjoy it. I think it gives a lot of off-beat writers and weird artists a chance to showcase their stuff but it’s a lot of work for an indeterminate return. Luckily we’ve got two guest editors lined-up so we won’t have to worry about it for awhile. Though there’s still the layout part to be done when someone is guest editing. April’s issue has the them of “When Angels Mutate”. I’m looking forward to that one!

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