It sounds like Forrest had a great time at WisCon last week and did an excellent job of representing RDSP. He gave us a full report right after the con but I just haven’t had the chance to do an update until now. Apparently lots of people were interested in our press but hadn’t heard of us before which I figured would be the case since we’ve never been anywhere close to Madison, WI. But he gave out lots of our catalogs and tons of the postcard for Fugue XXIX so in a couple months, at World Fantasy in Madison, I expect a lot more people will have heard of us. We’re bidding our time and easing our way into the Fantasy/Sci-fi market.

It was really nice of Deborah Layne from Wheatland Press to arrange for the tables and help Forrest man ours. It’s great to get promo on the other side of the country without having to pay to fly there! We hope to create a lot of buzz around Fugue before it comes out so I’m sure this will have helped. Both Fugue and Westermead will be available through the Prime Books website too. I’m a little worried that our arrangement with them might confuse some people as to who is actually publishing the book but the possible confusion is definitely worth the greater exposure those two titles will get to the Fantasy market that we haven’t really cracked yet.

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  1. Thanks! Does that mean you were at WisCon too or did you see the catalog elsewhere?

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