We’re moving right along with the transcription of Everybody Scream! There’s over 76,000 words typed in now. One thing I didn’t mention before is how amazing I find it that Jeff Thomas was able to handwrite this novel completely from start to finish without the aid of a computer and wind up with such a carefully plotted book.

Reading passages for the second time it’s really dawned on me just how complex the story he’s weaved is and just how tight he has woven it. Details that seem like minor embellishments turn into the lynchpins of major plot points. He didn’t have the luxury of being able to go back and heavily edit sections or add details in later. You can really sense that in the spontaneity of the text yet there are no holes in continuity.

It’s been 15 years since Jeff wrote this so I can’t help wondering how much of it he remembers and how much will be a surprise when he tackles the final editing.

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