It sounds like the Writer’s Weekend went really well for brotherrabbit. He sold all the books we sent and could have used more copies of The Fall of Never! It’s one of our books that I’ve consistently heard people say good things about. Most of our titles people either love or hate depending on their tastes but Ron is such a good storyteller that his stuff really appeals to a broad audience. Again, it’s great that we got more representation over on the West Coast. Apparently the con organizer said she’d like us to attend next year. Between avantpop and brotherrabbit I’m sure Seattle will never be quite the same again.


  1. That’s because Ron would flirt with any woman — I do mean ANY — to get them to buy his book, and when they did, he’d ignore them.

    He’s a whore. A slut.

    I feel old now.

  2. I should have known…

    Well, whatever works! I always wanted to be a book pimp.

  3. Well I would flirt with any woman too, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. Wonder why?

    I’ve also volunteered Blake Birthhead to give BJ’s to anybody that buys Spider Pie, but that hasn’t been doing much good either. *sigh*

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