In our Hearts Halloween is Never Far Away

We are pleased to announce another book deal sealed in ink with the wonderful Lucy A. Snyder. RDSP’s fourth release from Lucy A. Snyder is filled with tricks and treats for the reader. Titled aptly Halloween Season, it’s a collection of quirky seasonal tales that run the gamut from Urban Fantasy and Cosmic Horror to Sci-Fi and Satire. Snyder’s characters are always vibrant and never predictable. While she maintains the undercurrent of darkness from previous collections, Snyder also adds some whimsy and off-kilter fun to the mix.

“Some of the stories are fundamentally about Halloween; others are horror or fantasy tales that take place in autumn near the holiday,” Snyder said. “Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I tried to work in the full spectrum of everything it represents to me in the collection. Some stories focus on family and friends. Others deal with classic Halloween figures: witches and ghosts, zombies and killers.”

There are plenty of scares, but she is the first to say its focus is on fun, and that there’s more humor in this book than many of her readers have seen for a while. “There are stories with young protagonists that are suitable for kids… but there are also a few stories that are strictly for the grownups after the kids have gone to bed,” Snyder said.

“This is our fourth collection with Lucy, but this time it’s something a little a different, more playful, and just downright fun,” Jennifer Barnes, RDSP editor, said. “I loved every minute of reading the manuscript and am looking forward to sharing this collection with our readers.”

At RDSP, we are extremely happy to have the opportunity to continually publish multiple works from authors we love. We are very happy when they also enjoy working with us too!

“I’ve worked with a lot of smaller presses, and RDSP has consistently been one of the most professional,” Snyder said. “Many of us were shocked at the recent revelations of sexual harassment and nonpayment at Chizine, which until this month was one of the best-respected genre presses. After the dam finally broke and affected authors started sharing their stories, the general feeling has been that if something awful like that could happen at Chizine, it could happen most anywhere. Problems at smaller presses are certainly not a rarity. As writers, we’re used to dealing with difficult personalities and delayed payments. We’re encouraged to let a whole lot slide, because isn’t it great that we get to live the dream and create art? Professionalism can seem so boring compared to the rush of making deals and the joy of seeing the fruits of your imagination become a real book. But professionalism is how you keep a good creative team from becoming the latest appalling story at File 770. All the creativity and energy in the world is no replacement for taking care of business. And RDSP takes care of business.” 

We hope you all are as excited for Halloween Season as we are at RDSP. Look for this around September of 2020.