There Comes a Midnight Hour

We are proud to announce that RDSP has signed a deal with Gary Braunbeck to release his next short story collection, There Comes a Midnight Hour, in 2020. The book collects some of Braunbeck’s more whimsical and weird stories but maintains his trademark—artfully told dark stories.

According to Braunbeck, “The purpose of There Comes A Midnight Hour was to collect a series of stories that were not only firmly within the horror genre, but also also contained elements of fantasy, mystery, science fiction and (gasp!) even romance.  I’ve never adhered much to traditional horror tropes, and as a result a lot of my fiction — especially recently — has been difficult to categorize and therefore place.  There Comes A Midnight Hour is a collection I’m quite proud of, because it shows (mehopes) that I can be just as outright weird as the other lunatics who share my love of the horror field.”

Timing it Right

Braunbeck has a long back catalog and many awards to his name. While he leant his support to RDSP from the beginning with blurbs and words of encouragement this is the first joint venture for the two. Editor Jennifer Barnes says, “Braunbeck’s work has always run deep and it’s just the type of thing our readers love, dark and recognizably genre but with roots that reach hidden layers.”

Braunbeck notes, “Jennifer and John have a deep appreciation for horror fiction that doesn’t really play by the rules, and it seemed to me that Raw Dog would be the perfect home for the collection.  I’d never had anything that I felt was quite right for Raw Dog until There Comes A Midnight Hour.  Jennifer and John have been putting out really exceptional books for a good while now, and I’m both excited and honored that Raw Dog Screaming Press will be publishing this collection.”

Author Bio

Gary A. Braunbeck is the award-winning writer of over 25 books of fiction, including the novels In Silent Graves, Keepers, and Mr. Hands, as well as the Stoker Award-winning nonfiction book To Each Their Darkness.  He is the creator of the critically-acclaimed Cedar Hill series of novels and and short stories.  His work has garnered 7 Bram Stoker Awards and has also been nominated for the World Fantasy Award. He lives in Worthington, Ohio.  With 4 cats.  That don’t like him.  He often talks to himself while writing just to hear a human voice.  He is very lonely.