Wytovich’s 6th Poetry Collection Released

Stephanie Wytovich’s latest poetry collection, The Apocalyptic Mannequin, is now available in paperback and ebook formats. Each of Wytovich’s collections has a different texture, in part because each has a different muse. The Mannequin brings us the cold terror of near-future destruction, the realization that our collective actions have a life of their own and they have no love lost for us.

The early reviews already have readers raving:

“Every word counts. Sometimes it’s slow. Often it’s a gut punch. But whether these pieces are insidious or brazen, the result is the same. I am unsettled, entertained, and left thinking.”—Tracy Robinson, GoodReads

“With each successive collection, Wytovich excels in leaps and bounds, suffusing her distinctive energy within each of these books, maintaining the conjured rawness that makes these so uniquely her own and so incredibly meaningful for the reader.”—A.E. Siraki, full review here

Where you can get The Apocalyptic Mannequin