Cover Reveal for the Next Poetry Collection from Bram Stoker Award-winning Christina Sng

Raw Dog Screaming Press (RSDP) is eager to present the beautiful cover by artist Steven Archer for Bram Stoker Award winning poet Christina Sng’s follow-up book A Collection of Dreamscapes.

“I am absolutely thrilled and immensely grateful to have another Steven Archer painting as the cover of A Collection of Dreamscapes,” Sng said. “It is darkly rich with a deep air of mystery and symbolism, an apt combination for the tales unfolded in this collection.”

A Collection of Dreamscapes will be released during StokerCon 2020 which is being held in Scarborough, UK, April 16-19 and Sng will be on hand to launch the book.

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In 2018, Sng won the Bram Stoker Award for A Collection of Nightmares (RDSP 2017). Sng is an internationally known poet and artist and has had her work included in many publications around the world.

In A Collection of Dreamscapes, Christina Sng broadens her horizons by exploring fairy tales, mythology and even dark fantasy. This follow up includes a healthy dose of monsters and darkness alongside some more fantastic, dreamlike verses.

“My new collection is a montage of dreamscapes from mythologies, fairy tales, dystopias, transformations, and the dark side of human nature,” Sng said. “Woven throughout the book are themes of empowerment and the human capacity to channel our deepest inner strength to do whatever it takes to survive.”

For readers this is sure to be a must-needed addition to any collection and will appeal broadly but widely to fans of dark fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. Publication is slated for some time in Spring 2020.

Praise for A Collection of Dreamscapes

“I loved this collection of poems that flow in a story cycle; tendrils of images from one flavoring the next,” said Linda D. Addison, award-winning author of How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend and HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. “New and old myths, reborn in Sng’s brilliant imagination into unique, grownup versions where empowerment rules and old-fashioned revenge is very satisfying.”

“Outrage howls against human cruelty from verse after verse throughout Christina Sng’s sophomore poetry collection from Raw Dog Screaming Press. A Collection of Dreamscapes is the follow-up to her Bram Stoker Award-winning showstopper A Collection of Nightmares — but don’t let the shift in title fool you. This new book overflows with nightmare fodder. Just as importantly, it burns white hot with catharsis. Warriors rage against oppressors, women and girls purge their abusers, and the innocent make necessary transformations into monsters to bring about “Wrongs made right for once / In this unjust world.” Even as you shudder, you’ll smile in empathy and ‘enjoy the bloodbath.’”—Mike Allen, World Fantasy Award-nominated author of Unseaming and Aftermath of an Industrial Accident

“I hadn’t thought it possible for Sng to improve on A Collection of Nightmares. I was wrong. In Dreamscapes, Sng shatters traditional storytelling and showcases her versatility as a master poet. Tackling odysseys, fairy tales, myths, monsters, and unspeakable violence, she wields words like ‘a scythe making graceful strokes’, paring her verse to sinew and bone. Not a word is out of place in this ground-breaking collection.” — Lee Murray, author of Into the Mist

Christina Sng, Biography –

Christina Sng is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of A Collection of Nightmares (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2017). Her poetry has appeared in numerous venues worldwide and received nominations in the Rhysling Awards, the Dwarf Stars, the Elgin Awards, and honorable mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and the Best Horror of the Year. Visit her at and connect on social media @christinasng.