DogCon is a big shindig RDSP holds every year to celebrate books, authors and all our supporters. It’s a chance for the RDSP family to get together, meet each other, show off the latest works and begin new creative ventures.

DogCon 5 at Broadkill Beach

At last year’s DogCon we announced that we were acquiring a beach house writing resort. This year, we’re inviting you to come see it! Activities will be running Friday to Monday but Saturday, October 1 & Sunday October 2nd will be the main event.

Each DogCon is different and this one will be more about strengthening the RDSP author community than having public book events. Activities on Saturday & Sunday afternoon/evening will be aimed at the public but other times will be more for the authors. However, anyone is still welcome to hang out the whole time. Plans are evolving but here are some of the things we will definitely do:

  • Group meals/snacks (likely a shrimp boil, s’mores, Gooey donuts and a cookout)
  • Readers Choice Award winner announcement, presentation of the championship belt
  • State of the Dog Address, what does the future hold for RDSP?
  • Beach bonfire (weather permitting)
  • Visit to Dogfish Head brewery (tours are available but are 1st come, not guaranteed)
  • Guest speaker publicity expert Beverly Bambury will give tips on book promo
  • One-on-one sessions with Beverly will be available for a fee
  • A live writing Instigation led by Mike Arnzen
  • Story Swap: authors will swap short pieces & perform each others’ work aloud
  • Thunderdome death matches (just kidding…maybe)
  • Authors will share promo tips
  • Readings by RDSP authors

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We are going to try to have as many RDSP authors staying at our place as possible but there will not be enough room for everyone. There are several places to spend the night nearby though. The closest place is about 10 minutes away, Red Mill Inn, but you have to call to make a reservation. The rates are in the neighborhood of $100 per night. I’d say the coolest place is Dogfish Head Inn but it’s pricey. Anchorage Motel is an economical choice and Heritage Inn is the middle ground.

What if I can’t attend? Well, you can still have access to:

• Simulcasts of readings and more
• Google hangouts for on-site discussions or Q&A with netizens
• Post-event videos, slideshows, and more at our official site
• A total lack of all the cool things you would get in person


Is this only for authors and editors affiliated with the various imprints of Raw Dog Screaming Press?

No! Anyone who has an interest in literature, art, music, fringe culture, or whatever…come hang out!

How much food is covered by my ticket?

Some snacks, beverages, and meals, but you will need to plan for some dining yourself. Also, we are not providing alcoholic drinks. You are welcome to bring food and drinks you are comfortable with (yes, that includes alcohol!) for yourself or to share. A full kitchen will be at your disposal.

Will food options be available for somebody with my dietary needs?

If you have special requests please let us know in advance, and we will attempt to meet your needs. A fully equipped kitchen will also be available if you would prefer to store and prepare your own food.