Popmatters has done a review of Blankety Blank:

“What with the US economic crisis now leaching out around the globe, this might not be the best time to ponder the absurdity of a story set in a region known as GRIM, Michigan – “Grand Rapids Internal McSubübermensch”. Then again, one could read this story from the comfort of one’s not-yet-abandoned sub-prime-mortgage-financed six-bedroom McMansion and think, hey, things could be worse – at least there’s not a serial killer with a barbershop pole for a head knocking on my door.”

Read the full here

I love reviews like this. The person didn’t seem to like the book overly much and only gave it 5 stars out of 10. But the way they describe the book makes it sounds so great. Reading a review like this I’d definitely want to check out the book.

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