Forecasting a Heavy Accumulation of Snowed Reviews

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Snowed is now on NetGalley!

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Reviews for Snowed are Piling Up

Snowed is…well on its way to becoming a cult favorite.”—BOLO Books

“…one of the best books I have read in 2016.”—Bookworm Society

“There are few words for how bone-chillingly cool I found this story. Charity is awesome!”—LibraryThing reviewer

“This was entirely not what I expected–in a good way. It started out much like many other YA novels, then took a sharp turn and never looked back. I loved that Charity is smart and clever and bi-racial and all the things heroines usually aren’t. She falls in love, but it doesn’t make her IQ drop in the process. The mythological aspect with Aiden is awesome and unique.” LibraryThing reviewer

“Oh wow.  I read it this weekend and didn’t see that coming. Great twist…”—Margaret Marquis, School Librarian, Virginia

“Overall, this was a great fantasy novel that features a villain not often explored in speculative fiction, either adult or YA. The modern ways in which the villain is fought are imaginative and delightfully unexpected.”—J.L. Gribble’s Blog

“Fun read for both youth and adult. Looking forward to the sequel.”—Amazon Reader


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