Snowed young adult horror novel cover artCharity Jones, star of Snowed by Maria Alexander, focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (when she isn’t meeting intriguing boys or adventuring). In a lot of ways Charity is the perfect role model for contemporary girls. What would the Charity Jones in your life need to encourage her STEM efforts, or help her see herself as capable of succeeding in STEM? This gift buying guide for girls in STEM might help.

  1. Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World: It’s a scientific fact: Women rock! A charmingly illustrated and educational book, New York Times best seller Women in Science highlights the contributions of fifty notable women to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from the ancient to the modern world. Full of striking, singular art, this fascinating collection also contains infographics about relevant topics such as lab equipment, rates of women currently working in STEM fields, and an illustrated scientific glossary. The trailblazing women profiled include well-known figures like primatologist Jane Goodall, as well as lesser-known pioneers such as Katherine Johnson, the African-American physicist and mathematician who calculated the trajectory of the 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Women in Science celebrates the achievements of the intrepid women who have paved the way for the next generation of female engineers, biologists, mathematicians, doctors, astronauts, physicists, and more!
  2. 9781891808609_p0_v2_s1200x630Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit: Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit is your junior chemist’s introduction to the world of scientific exploration. Learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of science tools. With mind blowing experiments such as creating a sunset in a test tube and making a color-changing volcano, children will love learning fascinating facts about their natural world and this kit will keep them engrossed with interactive experiments. Includes Red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda, 3 color tablets, crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer, vegetable oil, corn starch, 2 cotton swabs, 3 test tubes with stand, 3 plastic cups, pipette, 2 sticks, 2 measuring scoops and activity guide. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older with adult supervision.
  3. GoldieBlox Girl Inventor Zipline Action Figure: GoldieBlox: Construction toy featuring the world’s first girl engineer character, Goldie Blox! While many dolls are about dress up and fashion, Goldie is about action. Use the construction set to build a 13′ zipline and send her soaring across the living room over and over again! Introduces the real-life STEM concept of suspension. Designed for tinkering and creative exploration, GoldieBlox toys build spatial skills and confidence in problem-solving. All GoldieBlox toys are intercompatible. Perfect for ages 4+. Comes with 34 pieces, including fully articulated action figure with articulated joints, hands that grip, brushable hair, and toolbelt and wrench, and 13-foot zipline. Hundreds of how-to building videos online to help spark creativity in young engineers.
  4. The Computer Code Mystery (Celia Science & Anna Art) (Volume 1): Celia (11) and Anna (7) are inquisitive sisters who solve mysteries – with science, art, technology, engineering and math. These girls rock! They use their brains, (and STEM) to figure out daring solutions to crazy problems. When a mid-winter blizzard forces their school to shut down, they rebuild & amp up the family computer. Their favorite game becomes a supercharged adventure unleashing a chain of events involving the FBI, hidden computer code, a brilliant villain, and three dolphins with a score to settle. Can the girls learn to program JavaScript from scratch? Can the sisters crack the computer code and prevent the cyber-hack of the decade? This book is for any girl who loves STEM and would rather play with bugs or robots than fancy dolls. These girls carry on Carolyn Keene and Nancy Drew’s tradition of not taking “NO” for an answer! The first in the CELIA SCIENCE AND ANNA ART series, THE COMPUTER CODE MYSTERY is a fast-paced, science and technology based mystery that explores the limits of a kid’s creativity in the context of computer programming and stopping a hacker.
  5. 41g9t1w1fjl-_sx313_bo1204203200_Girls and Women in Stem: A Never Ending Story (Research on Women and Education): Encouraging the participation of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) remains as vital today as it was in the 1970s. . . . hence, the sub-title: “A Never Ending Story.” This volume is about ongoing advocacy on behalf of the future workforce in fields that lie on the cutting edge of society’s future. Acknowledging that deeply embedded beliefs about social and academic entitlement take generations to overcome, the editors of this volume forge forward in the knowledge that these chapters will resonate with readers and that those in positions of access will learn more about how to provide opportunities for girls and women that propel them into Stem fields. This volume will give the reader insight into what works and what does not work for providing the message to girls and women that indeed Stem fields are for them in this second decade of the 21st century. Contributions to this volume will connect to readers at all levels of Stem education and workforce participation. Courses that address teaching and learning in Stem fields as well as courses in women’s studies and the sociology of education will be enhanced by accessing this volume. Further, students and scholars in Stem fields will identify with the success stories related in some of these chapters and find inspiration in the ways their own journeys are reflected by this volume.
  6. Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Black Light Illuminator & Nature’s Mysteries Journal: Become a secret science sleuth with this mysterious black light activity set! Find and observe rocks, insects, and flowers that glow under black light; make gelatin that glows; detect counterfeit money; and much more! 22-Page activity journal and super cool scientific tool encourage kids to pursue their natural love of science! Includes handheld/stand-up black light with 3 LED black lights and textured grippers; invisible ink pen; and 22-page activity journal. Soon-to-be scientists learn about UV light with hands-on experiments and activities. Write secret notes with the black light illuminator invisible ink pen, too! Part of the Nancy B’s Science Club line, designed to encourage scientific confidence.
  7. 17aafb4d-8d43-43c8-9b00-a5d7a362cba7-jpg-_cb321169987__sr300300_Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal: Take a tour of the nighttime sky, with visits to Saturn, Jupiter, and even the mountain ranges on the moon! Follow the 22-page activity guide to get started on your stellar celestial adventure! Encourages kids to pursue their natural love of science! Includes MoonScope with 18x and 90x magnifications, 4 mm and 20 mm all-glass eyepieces, finder scope, moon filter, tripod, and 22-page journal. Winner: Parents’ Choice Silver Award, Parents Magazine Best Toys of the Year, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and Toy of the Year finalist. Supports STEM learning through scientific exploration and hands-on experience with a key scientific tool. Activity journal encourages independent, parent-free learning.
  8. K’NEX Mighty Makers – Up, Up and Away Building Set: Fly high in the sky with Ava and her bird, Jay, with the Up, Up and Away Building Set! Ava loves all things that can fly. Whether it’s flying a kite, watching the birds, or collecting bugs, she is always ready for an adventure that is out of this world. This set allows you to complete four builds: help Ava create a butterfly, build an airplane, fly high in the sky in a hang glider, or invent her very own flying contraption! Most models can be built one at a time. Decorate the builds using the included accessories including seat, star snaps, goggles and more. Get ready to take flight and let your imagination soar and explore additional aviation concepts with the Mighty Makers Card. The Mighty Makers line takes fun and learning to a whole new level. Each building set comes with characters and story-based content to drive creativity and imaginative play in addition to building core STEM skills. 140 pieces. All K’NEX parts and pieces are guaranteed for a lifetime of fun and all K’NEX bricks, rods, and connectors proudly made in the USA. This set is perfect for builders ages 7 and up.
  9. 51bxp4po1yl-_sx425_BotBrain STEM Robotics Set: BotBrain stem robotics set includes BotBrain board with serial port programming cable and AA battery holder; 2 whisker (touch) sensors; 2 continuous rotation servos; 2 servo-mount wheels; 1 ball caster; 200+ Merkur metal construction parts; a CD containing visual programming language and sample programs; and a CD containing instructions for teacher and student. A basic robotics set for stem exploration which will allow students to build a touch-sensitive robot. Through the hands-on learning experience offered by BotBrain, robots help students transform abstract science, technology, engineering and math (stem) concepts into concrete real-world understanding with teacher-written and classroom tested curricula. Grade level: middle-high school.
  10. 41huh9hxul-_sx300_Industrial Steampunk Welding Goggles (With Pouch): Contoured soft fit with no sharp edges. Two adjustable vents can cut off or provide indirect fresh air, with fully adjustable strap. Green #5, green #11 glass lenses can combine to make #16. ANSI & CE approved as protective safety goggles. Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 & Z80.3 standards. Includes one Frame, two #5 shade glass welding lenses, Two #11 shade glass welding lenses, two clear polycarbonate protective lenses, and one microfiber pouch.
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