2005 Publishing Schedule

I did some minor updates to the site. I know, it’s terrible that I haven’t done more, the site needs a major overhaul but that’s not likely to happen any time soon. The biggest thing is we now have a publication schedule for 2005. Here it is:
    Tempting Disaster (on the Two Backed Books
        Imprint) edited by John Edward Lawson
     Pseudo City by D. Harlan Wilson
     Last Burn in Hell by John Edward Lawson
     Bare Bone #7 edited by Kevin L. Donihe
     Play Dead by Michael A. Arnzen
     Spider Pie by Alyssa Sturgill
     Westermead by Scott Thomas
     Fugue XXIX by Forrest Aguirre
     Bare Bone #8 edited by Kevin L. Donihe

I hope to have more info up on the site about these releases soon. Actually I’m sure the schedule won’t turn out exactly like this and really it’s just a general outline. There’s always unexpected glitches that hold things up and you have to be a bit flexible. There’s a chance that we might add some releases to the line-up too but I don’t know that we’ll have time for any more. In 2003 we released one book. In 2004 we did 7. We’ve got 9 lined up for 2005 and that might be pushing it.