There’s nothing more satisfying than coming up with a cover the author is truly happy with. It took awhile to find the right image but I think I finally got something great for Westermead. Both Scott and his brother Jeff feel it conveys the magic and mystery of Westermead so I’m very excited. I hope to soon have a page for Westermead up on the site with a description and everything. Until then, here’s the mock-up of the cover:

It’s a departure from a lot of our covers but the book itself is also a bit of a departure from what we’ve published so far. Hopefully it will get a lot of play in more mainstream places but, never fear, there’s plenty of the weird and dark in Scott’s work too.

More cool collages came in the mail from cakeearthhead and the rest of the buttons! Wow, that was fast. The collages are going to be in Tempting Disaster and they definitely reflect John’s kookie vision.

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