2014 Publishing Schedule

2014Schedule is Tentative and Subject to Change

Corpus Chrome, Inc. by S. Craig Zahler •  January 7th

Hitler: The Terminal Biography by D. Harlan Wilson • February 11

Freud: The Penultimate Biography by D. Harlan Wilson • February 25

Douglass: The Lost Autobiography by D. Harlan Wilson • March 11

Wasteland Blues (Dog Star Books) by Scott Christian Carr & Andrew Conry-Murray • March 20th

Ambasadora Book One Marked by Light (Dog Star Books) by Heidi Ruby Miller • April 8th

Mourning Jewelry poetry by Stephanie Wytovich • May 8th

The Hideous Immaculate poetry by Chad Hensley • May 15th

The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes (Dog Star Books) by Albert Wendland • June 24th

Soft Apocalypses by Lucy Snyder • July 23rd

Mr. Wicker by Maria Alexander • September 16th