RDSP’s Roll Call for 2013

One of our goals for 2013 was to involve more people in the operations of the press. Looking back over the year to assess whether we met our goals it seems that this one might have been our biggest success. We added two editors and two interns plus many Dog Squad volunteers.

Note: this list DOES NOT even include all the bloggers who have helped with cover reveals.

We had people who did everything from arrange events to book layout and from proofreading to morale boosting. Here’s a shout out to (hopefully) everyone who helped out in 2013:

  • Amy Drees
  • Beverly Bambury
  • Bradley Sharp
  • Carrie Gessner
  • Chris Stout
  • D. Harlan Wilson
  • David Fulcher
  • David Slusarick
  • David Smith
  • Deanna Lepsch
  • Deena Warner
  • Diane Turnshek
  • Emory Pueschel
  • Faryn Black
  • Gabino Iglesias
  • Hanna Gribble
  • Heidi Ruby Miller
  • Jane Smith
  • Jayson Densman
  • Jeremy Zerfoss
  • Jess Williams
  • John Wayne Communale
  • Joseph Bouthiette
  • Kaitlynn Coddington
  • MacKenzie Betts
  • Matt Betts
  • Matthew Dowling
  • Matthew Revert
  • Michael Mehalek
  • Natalie Duvall
  • Nathan Rosen
  • Organizers of Capclave
  • Ryan Forsythe
  • Scott Emerson
  • Sean Leonard
  • Shawn Macomber
  • Stephanie Wytovich
  • Steve Pattee