Got some cool reviews from darren_speegle yesterday. One will run in Flesh and Blood #16 which will also feature a story of Darren’s. Here’s a little tidbit from a detailed and glowing review:

“…a feast for the horror fan who prefers his fiction rich with imagery, symbolism, and beautiful prose…His tales brim with complex characters discovering the pervasive evil that inhabits both their worlds and their souls. A Dirge for the Temporal is full of blood, chills, and supernatural retribution; however, it is also full of spiritual and philosophical conundrums that demand the reader’s attention.”—Drew Williams

Another detailed review appeared recently in The Third Alternative:

“…Speegle is a writer of vivid prose snapshots that will linger in the mind long after the book is put aside. His work is recommended to connoisseurs of the weird and unusual.”

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