The rumors that John and I were taken to te funny farm are totally false! It’s true that some things lately have been pretty stressful for us but nothing could ever be as bad as high school and we made it through that without (too many) casualties.

Can you believe it’s 2005? Actually doing the publishing forces you to plan so far in advance that I keep thinking I should be writing 2006. A quick shout out to everyone who made 2004 a stellar year for RDSP. That would be everyone who wrote to us, contributed ideas/art/writing to any of our endeavors, bought our books, sung our praises or just mentioned us to their friends. We couldn’t have done it without every single one of you.

I already know 2005 is going to be crazy for us between some excellent releases and some major non-RDSP related goings on this will definitely be the busiest year yet. (yawn) I’m already feeling a little sleepy.

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