I’m really having a hard time maintaining this LJ recently. I used to do it just about every day. When you’re not posting regularly it seems like you should have a big announcement if you’re going to post but nothing major is going on for RDSP.

I’ve started the layout for Westermead, I’m about two stories in.

The sales for December have been surprisingly strong. Last year it was abysmal but I’m beginning to suspect people are actually buying RDSP titles as gifts or with their gift certificates. In fact I was so tickled when I saw on dj_of_l’s journal that he ordered a copy of 100 Jolts and The Fall of Never at his local B&N with his gift certificate. That’s just too cool. And it’s not just the newer titles that are selling, the older ones are too. I think just about every title has sold this month. Usually it’s just the newest titles.

Another cool thing is that cakeearthhead is going to make some more RDSP buttons. I love having cool freebie stuff to give away!

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