I’ve finished my read-through of Tempting Disaster. I think it’s a little less schizophrenic than some of John’s previous anthos but still wildly diverse from the comically absurd to the chilling. I don’t really know much about the erotica publishing scene so I’m not sure how this will go over. There is plenty of ‘adult’ material but not all the stories are particularly erotic. Of course some are downright repulsive. It should definitely be a big hit with weirdos, freaks and connoisseurs of the bizarre.

Over the weekend we drove to NJ to pick up another batch of grimoires. They’ve been shipped off but it’s a little disheartening to realize there are still 22 left to go. That project really is taking forever.

It looks like the Tatnuck bookstore is going to order a lot of copies ofEverybody Scream! for Jeff’s signing which is great but hopefully it won’t mean a lot of returns after the event.

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