I made some much needed but minor updates to the web site yesterday. Plus I did the recommend thing for Everybody Scream! on Amazon.com. If anyone wants to go and recommend the book themselves the ISBN is 0974503142. Choose a book you think matches Jeff Thomas’ style and put the ISBN in the blank next to the words “I recommend.”

I also spent probably way too much time creating a list on Amazon titled Travel to Other Worlds so I could include Everybody Scream! and Dirge along with a ton of other cool books. It’s kind of fun making those lists and I never thought about how many fascinating, totally fictional places there are in the world of books. If you’re interested here’s my list
Obviously it’s not exhaustive.

I found the discussion from yesterday on douglas_clegg’s journal about publishers and whether they do enough to support authors very interesting. I was thinking of adding my 2 cents but the topic is so much more complicated now that I’m on the publishing side. But I like Doug’s attitude that when you write you’ve got to get your satisfaction out of your art, there will be ups and downs in your publishing career but that’s life.

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