People seem to really like the What Shocks You? quiz for 100 Jolts. It might be the most entertaining one so far. If you haven’t taken it yet, here’s the link again:

Personal disappointments have put a damper on a lot of things for us lately and it’s been hard to keep up with the lj, not because there isn’t anything to report but because I just haven’t been in a reporting mood.

It looks like we’ve found a printer who can do the custom deck of cards for the Play Dead special edition with 4-color on both sides. Now we just have to come up with all that artwork!

It’s been a bit like pulling teeth trying to get quotes for an offset run of Play Dead but we’re making progress there.

The October 14th B&N shindig is really shaping up. I think the place is actually going to be *swarmed*. Pre-orders keep coming in for The Fall of Never and Annapolis is Ron Malfi’s home town so I think a lot of people will be there just to pick up his book. I bet the store will be shocked since they of course “can’t” order or stock the book, we have to bring our own copies.

John got some very exciting news yesterday that I have to keep under wraps for now but it’s nice to see him get a little recognition.

Kevin sent the layout for Bare Bone #6 and I’ve been reading the stories. An excellent bunch so far! We’ve got to find more ways to bring BB to people’s attention because everyone who’s read #5 thinks its great but there just haven’t been that many orders for it.

current mood: crushed

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