I know you all have been anxiously awaiting more dirt on HF and I have been frantically working on getting pics online. I swear it really has taken the whole day to get this one page done. Here are the PHOTOS. I have to give a special shout out to blindsidepubs for the awesome pics of John and Linda’s poetry jam. I was really bummed that I had to man the table and missed it but he managed to get the best pics of John reading ever! Normally I always catch John with his mouth hanging open or a dumb look on his face. In fact there were so many great pics that I made a slide show out of them. I also have to thank darren_speegle for taking pictures of Mike Arnzen and Gerard Houarner’s reading. Yes, I missed that one too.

We did record the poetry jam, Mike’s reading and Darren’s reading so hopefully some of that stuff will appear in Vacancy. The quality wasn’t too great but I’m hoping to find a good audio program to run it through and reduce the hiss.

The one reading I did get to attend was Darren Speegle’s and I’m really glad I was able to be there. He was quite cool and collected for his first reading and I think he really did a number on the listeners. Darren has a great reading voice and with such vivid images it’s easy to picture what’s going on. After the reading people kept asking Darren where he gets his ideas but like a true Raw Dog he would not give up his secrets.

One of the best things about this con was getting to meet Darren. We’ve spent so much time corresponding that I was looking forward to the chance to talk to him face to face. But I did not expect him to be as easy-going and friendly as he was. I felt like I could chat with him all day on any number of subjects. It was great having so many of the Raw Dog authors at the same event. I was glad to be able to introduce Darren to Mike Arnzen and Ron Malfi. Unfortunately those two missed each other but I’m sure they’ll meet eventually. Plus Kevin Donihe was there along with Sick authors James Chambers, Jon Hodges, Jack Fisher and C.J. Henderson.

I definitely regret not getting a chance to talk to Jon Hodges more. He’s a really nice guy with an appreciation for quality writing and the guts to do things. I always enjoy talking to people who actually do stuff. Which is part of the reason I liked hanging out with St. Michael Amorel and Oliver Baer from Cthulhu Sex magazine. Intelligent people who don’t take themselves too seriously are the most fun to hang out with. That Oliver really cracks me up!

Some of the nicest people around were the crew from Horroweb. I didn’t get to meet all of them but Bloody Mary and Horrorwench have been enthusiastically supportive of RDSP and particularly Bare Bone. I would have liked to talk with them more as well.

There are quite a few more people to mention but the typing pool has just gone on strike so I’ll try to get the rest tomorrow.

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