The biggest surprise of Horrorfind was meeting Alyssa Sturgill. I had no idea that she was coming and when she came up to the table I thought she had the coolest dress on but I had no idea it was her. We’ve published several wild stories by her in The Dream People so it was great to meet her in person, though I would have liked to chat with her more (I know I keep saying that). There was a rumor that Cake Earthhead might make it but alas he wasn’t able to which was a bummer.

I did get to attend Matt Warner’s reading and heard, for the second time, just about the most disgusting story on the face of the planet. It won him second place at the WHC gross-out contest where I first heard it. He did another, more serious piece too and he got so into that Security was called. They thought two authors were getting into a fight but Brian Keene told them, “No, that’s just Matt Warner reading.” Cullen Bunn also read a great story of corpse mayhem which was hilarious and gross at the same time.

One cool thing was that the African-American horror authors were in full force this year. It was great to meet Brandon Massey, who read from his novel Dark Corner along with Darren. John got to attend the panel of African-American Horror authors and was very impressed by everything that authors had to say, particularly Wrath James White. You would think John might have been on that panel but actually he was on the Writing Erotic Horror panel. I missed that one too but heard that it was very informative.

I also briefly met stephswoods and she’s just as pretty as her pictures. It goes without saying that Mike & Renate Arnzen and Tanya Twombley are always cool to hang out with. I also enjoyed meeting Ron’s brother Darin Malfi who did those cool illos for Ron’s book.

OK, I really thought I could mention everyone but it’s just not gonna happen. Believe me, there were more!

We had a copy of the Everybody Scream! special edition and carried it around like the proud parents of a screaming brat that we are. Judging from people’s reactions it’s even better in person.

The REPOSSESSED car made it’s debut as well. I haven’t had the chance to even mention the car on the journal, things have been so crazy but you can check the pictures on the photos page link from the frontpage of the rawdog site. Walter Goralski inscribed his story “Repossessed”, about a car’s revenge against its owner, on the car and drove it to Baltimore from Phoenix. It was really cool seeing the name of our press in big letters on the sides of the car!

Ok, enough already! I’m so behind in a million things.

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