I remember last year at Horrorfind the hotel didn’t allow people to put anything up on the walls which sucks because I could have made some great posters, especially for Dirge. Instead I spent most of yesterday coming up with a 3-sided triangular stand alone piece. It’s not as big as a poster but I think it will get some attention set on tabletops or counters.

I’m not really aware of any other presses who do this kind of info campaign at cons. It seems like it’s usually an every-author-for-themselves kind of situation. But I think the handout materials are really helpful, especially at the dealer’s table. It gives you an excuse to talk to people without starting into some kind of high-pressure sales pitch. Although the handout is for the readings it has pictures of the books too. Even if people can’t make it to the events they’re still being exposed to the releases.

In addition to the flyers and standup mini-posters we’ll also have Sick Bags to give away. We’ve been working on them every day but still don’t have that many ready. Maybe I planned for a little too much in the way of handout materials!

Raw Dog Bite #36
My first job was at a bakery. It turns out that someone I work with now has a daughter that works at that same bakery.

Earlier this year the bakery was robbed while she was closing. That must have been scary, not like when the place was robbed when I was there. Some people came to pick up a large order and started taking the boxes out to the car as though they’d be back to pay and get the rest. Instead they drove off with 5 dozen rolls without paying.

We called the police and the officer actually asked me to describe the rolls. No kidding.

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