Horrorfind is only a few short days away so things have been a bit hectic trying to get ready. I’ve already packed up all the books we’re taking and made up a price list. I spent too much time making the price list look pretty but this is the nicest looking price list we’ve ever had, by gum! I’ve also designed a handout with our scheduled events on it. I think it turned out well. Looks like it’s going to be a Raw Dog Saturday:

Horror Poetry Jam: John Edward Lawson & Linda Addison Sat. 11-12 am
Darren Speegle’s reading Sat. 12:15-1:15
Michael Arnzen’s reading Sat. 5-6
Panel: Writing Erotic Horror which John is on 5:30-6:45

So Saturday is going to be VERY busy. We’re still not sure if we should drive home every day (takes about an hour) or spend the night in the hotel at least one night. I don’t want to spend the money but the 2 hour-a-day trip will definitely cut into convention time in a big way.

John and I started trying to list all the people coming who we wanted to talk to but stopped counting at 30. I know I’m not going to get nearly as much time to talk to people as I’d like to. Cons are like that, you look forward to seeing and meeting people but really all you have time to do is say hi.

Raw Dog Bite #35
I am the oldest child. John is an only child

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