Heather Cox just posted a cool interview she did with Mike Arnzen for Bella Online. Here’s the link:


I’ve been working on getting a bookplate designed for the Everybody Scream! special edition. If you don’t know what I’m talking about bookplates are like name tags that people put inside their books to say they own them. You often see them on the inside cover of used books. It may be something really simple that just says From the Library of So and So. But there are also very intricate and cool bookplates out there. In fact they are considered an art form in some circles and people collect them. Sometimes book collectors commission artists to design bookplates for their personal libraries. They often have the words “Ex Libris” (from the library of) and then the person’s name. In this case I wanted the bookplate to say “From the mind of Jeffrey Thomas” instead but I don’t know latin so it may have to be in English. I always though ex libris was a cool phrase though.

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