The office is progressing nicely. I put the new desk together last night but haven’t set the computer up on it yet. Also called up Apple support to get some help networking the computers. It turned out my old machine was missing some important pieces necessary for file sharing which required a reinstallation of the system software. Now we’ve to upgrade a few of the programs. I didn’t get a chance to test the networking yet but the option for file sharing was there where it hadn’t been before so hopefully it will work. Although I’m glad to get this stuff done it feels like nothing’s getting done for the press. I’m thinkin’ “what have I done for the press lately. But if we want to maximize efficiency we’ve got to get all the ducks quacking in the same key, if ya know what I mean.

John’s working on getting our ebooks into the Fictionwise system so that’s cool because I think they are the biggest seller of ebooks.

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