Got some great news yesterday from Darren Speegle. Ellen Datlow has recommended his story, Illusions of Amber, for the next Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror! The story was originally published in Underworlds but is also included in Dirge. I guess she still has to make her final decision about which stories will be reprinted and which will get honorable mentions but either way it’s great that he’s been recognized. I’m really not surprised at all, with all the great stories of his that have seen publication this year I don’t know how they could keep him out!

We’ve also had an email from Ellen Datlow ourselves saying that since Sick was released so late in 2003 it’s going to be considered for 2004 so there’s still hope that some of those stories might make it in.

Finally received the publishing financial software yesterday and have been testing it out. It’s a bit crude, the interface isn’t great. But so far it seems to do what it promised.

I’ve got the hub and cables necessary to network the two computers but the old machine seems to be missing some piece of software necessary for them to talk to each other. Rats!

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