I knew before we ever got involved in this publishing thing that distribution and getting books into the stores was going to be difficult. But it really is frustrating. We’re trying to set up this event at Barnes & Noble but unfortunately they can’t order RDSP titles because the titles are either marked as POD or non-returnable. First of all, I don’t understand the problem with stocking POD titles and how do they even know it’s POD? Sure some POD titles are totally unprofessional but it’s silly to block all of them. Second, our policy is that we will accept returns. We’ve checked and double-checked our records in the Bowkerlink database and can’t figure out where the “non-returnable” is coming from.

I am perpetually bewildered about the way the bookselling system works. If only we knew someone who does ordering for bookstores and could give us the inside scoop. I realize we have to prove ourselves and don’t expect them to be pounding on our door but I just wish I knew what we need to do to navigate the system.

Not to worry though, we can provide our own copies of the books for the event and the store will, in effect, buy them after they’ve been sold.

We do have info about how to get in touch with the B&N small press department and will soon be sending to them but they basically want a package with the book you want them to stock and all kinds of info about it. If we have to do that kind of package every time we release a book it’s going to be very irritating!

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