Even without a car we still managed to get the review copies for A Dirgeoff to the few biggee review place that require copies at least 3 months before the book is released.

Also it seems that the strategy of emailing people first may really pay off. Darren contacted two people who had blurbed his other collection and they’ve expressed interest in receiving a copy of this one as well. Both do reviews for prominent magazines so that’s definitely good news.

Files are starting to come in for The Dream People’s June/July issue from guest editor Vincent W. Sakowski. That’s been keeping me pretty busy formatting and organizing the files.

On the car front, it looks like those punks did about $1000 worth of damage but even worse is I have a feeling the car won’t ever be quite the same. I think it’s unlikely that they will be able to get the doors to close nice and tight like they should.

current mood: returning to normal

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