I’m feeling the weight of a many-headed deadline beast bearing down on me.

There are way more details to deal with for having a dealer’s table for WHC because it’s in Canada. The customs quagmire is both ridiculous and expensive. To tell the truth you can’t really make money on a dealer’s table if you have to travel but it is a pretty good advertisement. Since the sales offset some of the cost it’s definitely a better deal than, say, print advertising. But I don’t think I’ll ever try to do a con in Canada as a dealer again. It’s too much trouble.

The score today:
20 editions in
5 more to do
2 weeks left

My completion rate is really slipping. Only two editions were submitted in the past 4 weeks. But I do have one ready to go pending a proof and another that’s together but I’m just waiting on an author pic. The one with the most work left is the hardcover edition of 100 Jolts. Then there are two editions that someone else is working on. I’ve been told those files will be done shortly. They better be!


  1. And sadly, it’s the same for us Canadians who want to vend at a con in the US. Much cost, red tape and other annoyances. So much for free trade…

  2. It really doesn’t make any sense does it? I even know some Canadian authors who’ve had trouble bringing their own books back and forth to conventions in the US.

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