Well we’re back and we didn’t get to bring home one of those cool little haunted houses. I think I was more disappointed than John about that.

But I think we cemented some partnerships that will create even more opportunites for our company than winning a Stoker would. As usual it was great to hang out with people that we mostly only get to see at cons like Mike Arnzen, James Chambers, Jeremy Lassen, Jason Whitley, Fran Friel, Steve Verge, Norman Prentiss, Jeff Strand and everybody else.

This is only the second Stoker banquet I’ve been to but combining it with WHC seemed to make a lot of sense and it was very well attended. However I have to say that the Dealer’s Room was just about the worst ever.

See all the pics from the con: http://www.rawdogscreaming.com/whc2007.html

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